It’s That Time Again.

Time to subject you, my helpless reader, to more…(drum roll please.)… BABY PICTURES! I’ve been so caught up in holiday baking/crafting that i’ve completely forgotten that this is baby’s first christmas. And it only happens once just like the first bath/dirty diaper/smile/hiccup/cry/and on and on. This too must be documented! And who do you think […]


As I am rocking the baby to sleep after a great day of family, friends and lots of food, I can’t help but feel completely and utterly blessed. This is truly what the holidays are all about. Although I know that we all have our struggles in some way or other we all have plenty […]

Baby Makes Three

So the first rule in parenting is that you must subject everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) you know to scores of pictures of your little one. I don’t intend to be a slacker in that department so I present to you our beansprout. My good friend took the last shot. I just love the goofy […]