Eat Weeds!!!

Spring has finally hit the midwest and as token of it’s arrival i’ve been finding patches of dandelions popping up all over. I know that these are just weeds but these weeds are sporting my all time favorite color (yellow) and therefore they deserve a little more consideration. Round Up is not good enough for […]

My Collection of Mothers

I am sort of a self proclaimed mom collector. I have a biological mother, a stepmother,and a mother in-law. I’ve decided to add another mother to this equation becase well, 3 just isn’t enough. This one is unique in that I created it. It’s my mother sourdough starter! I became really intrigued with bread starters whilst working […]

Monthly Marker Onesies

I love giving gifts that are homemade. Maybe my grandma is to blame. I remember giving her scribbled on paper and decorated rocks as a kid. She would dote on them and hang them prominently on the fridge. “I wouldn’t trade them for a whole bag of worms” she would say. This seemed like the […]