About Me

Sabbath keeping Christian, wife and new mommy. I am all about the homemaking gig I have been assigned to lately. It’s the dream job I never knew I wanted. So what do I do all day besides eat bon bons and watch soaps? <rolling eyes> You are reading about a serious crafter and foodie. Being the wife of an Airman calls for a certain amount of thriftiness that can only come with lots of do-it-yourselfing. And as for the food part, first of all, who doesn’t love food? But I guess our real love affair started from my years in the fine dining business. I took my job very seriously. Maybe too seriously. I was determined to recreate those dishes one day. And that’s pretty much the road that leads to my heart- God, Family, Crafts, and Food. This blog is an attempt to give my obliging, poor husband a break from my elaborate detailing of daily domestic activities and in turn hopefully give you, my more interested audience, some great ideas/recipes.


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