When hubby plopped a $10 bag of bird food in our shopping cart last week I started to protest but then decided it wasn’t worth making a fuss over. I was too tired and he had just let me buy some outrageously discounted terra cotta pots. My pots were more than the bird food so I considered us even. One, two, three days went by. No birds. Then one day after a big snow storm, we have a bird aviary! It so nice to see some life out there in this cold, bleak weather. Even our feline family members have taken up residence on the barstools next to the window to better inspect these little guys. I think though, that they have different intentions for staring. Anyway it was money well spent!

I know i’m supposed to say how horrible and annoying snow is so that i’m not a dead give away for being from the south but I can’t help it. I LOVE SNOW!!! So far we have:

ate snow

shoveled snow

made a snowman (or rather snowbot)

thrown snow

sled through snow (there must be a science to sledding because we mostly butt planted)

made snow angels

Is there anything I missed to do because if so I don’t want to miss out? Happy Sabbath all!!


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