Monthly Marker Onesies

monthly marker onesies

I love giving gifts that are homemade. Maybe my grandma is to blame. I remember giving her scribbled on paper and decorated rocks as a kid. She would dote on them and hang them prominently on the fridge. “I wouldn’t trade them for a whole bag of worms” she would say. This seemed like the greatest of honors. Never ocurred to me how cheap worms were.

It’s funny how we don’t really change all that much as adults. Now I call my scribbles and crafts grown up words like homemade, heirloom, or hand crafted. I’m not going to lie. I still get that proud, giddy kid feeling when I give them away.

There’s no better ocassion for gift making then a baby shower. The options are endless. For this particular friend I chose to do the monthly marker onesies. They recently got a fancy DSLR camera and I suspect that their little girl will be at the other end of that lens more often than not. Taking pictures every month for the first year is such a neat way to see just how much these bean sprouts grow in a year!

I found the printout for the iron on’s here. This lady really saved me alot of time. She has a printout for either a boy or girl theme and she even mirrored the numbers so that they would come out the right direction once ironed on the onesies. One thing I did learn (the hard way) about buying the onesies, is to buy them all in the same name brand. It’s rediculous how different the sizes are from one brand to another.





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