Pillow talk

I’m back in the cyber realm! I know it’s been several weeks since my last post but hey, everyone needs a litttle R&R sometimes. Allthough I don’t think my vacation was exactly restful or relaxing I had a lot of (borderline too much) fun and it was SO great to see friends and family. One of the stops we made on our trip was to my brother-in-laws wedding.

It’s so refreshing to see two people in love and vowing their lives to each other. Better than a chick flick if you ask me. The main gift we gave them was money because, let’s face it, money is the best gift for a young couple who still thinks that all you need is love to live on. he he. They’ll learn. 🙂

I also made them this cute little throw pillow I hand embroidered using a split stitch. First, I drew the tree outline with a pencil on some material I had and then embroidered it. I sewed the pillow up on my sewing machine and stuffed that bad boy and there you have it.

This project coupled with the beautiful wedding has got me all geared up for valentines day. Which, I don’t know what i’m going to give my hubby. Beings that we spent so much on our vacation, you can bet it’ll be homemade.

If you need a good tutorial on split stitching here’s a good one.

embroidered tree accent pillow


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