Mamma’s Little Turkey

I can’t tell you how excited I am for Thanksgiving this year. It’s our first one with baby not to mention it will be my first attempt at roasting a turkey. If a good turkey is predicated on the number of articles/ recipes you read in preparation then this ones going to be golden. If not, I could be in trouble.

One of the innumerable joys of having a kid (and especially a girl) is that you get to dress them up in all sorts of homemade outfits. I’m trying to whip as many up as I can now. I know the day is coming when I’ll have to stop because, as we all know, homemade is not nearly as cool as the made in china cheapy stuff that all the other kids are wearing. In the meantime, I say the sillier the better.

Check out this crocheted turkey hat and onesie. There are tons of patterns for the hat in knit but since I only crochet I had to kind of wing it. The hat is a basic single crochet in the round. For the little drumsticks I made a basic round ball using the amigurumi basic technique and then went back in with the white yarn for the tip of the leg. Then I sewed them on with a needle and yarn. As for the onesie, I got the idea from the great WWW and copied it by apliqueing with scrap fabric I had laying around. I tried to get the husband to let me make him one but he wasn’t feelin’ it. aw well. I guess Alannah will have to be the one with all the Thankgiving Day spirit around here. Gobble gobble everyone!


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